I don't usually review a year, but 2020 was no ordinary year for any of us. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Cayas Software moved completely to remote projects. Home office was even possible for some of us without giving up the comforts of the office that we are used to.

Being completely remote was a challenge when it came to workshops or conferences. Most conferences were canceled anyway. And those who tried had a steep learning curve to overcome. Earlier this year, I gave a workshop in Austria while sitting in my office in Germany. It was great to spend time with family in the evenings instead of hotel and fast food. In my eyes, location-independent conferences and workshops are the new way of doing things with huge potential for the future.

Through exciting projects we can count ourselves among the winners of 2020. One of these projects I would like to mention was for Flaschenpost. We didn't just help the development team build a better driver and picking-app. We've also been crucial in helping them build a fantastic mobile team.

Last year, we took on TimePunch Mobile, an app that needed some attention. We completed the redesign this year with the launch of beta testing. Currently, I'm writing the roadmap for new features that will be released at the end of January.

There weren't only winners in 2020. We should all take some time to review the past 12 months and adjust our plans for 2021. I believe in our strong relationships with customers and partners, and that's why we'll be filling more positions in the new year. And with this article, I also want to give our blog more attention again. I would like to thank all partners, customers and especially my team for the good cooperation.

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